Looks like Autism runs in the family.

I am actively working with Parker daily to help him learn his words. I have always done this even though I might sound stupid. On one of my videos that now has almost 3000 views, I sound dumber than dumb and got some comments that said Looks like Autism runs in the family. LOL Ha Ha. The world today just really sucks and people are just not the same anymore.

Of course, there are still people out there that care about everyone and normally that is what I am all about. But with recent events that happened to us, I am totally seeing that people just suck and it is so sad.

We could all be killed one day by North Korea and none of it would matter so why not be nice to everyone. We are not all the same and if we were we would get tired of ourselves. LOL.

I think people that are mean hate themselves or are jealous of your situation and want to be more like you. I had a girl comment on my video where I acted like a fool to get my son excited and keep engaged in my conversation and it was horrible. She said so many mean things about my son. But I said oh well that’s her opinion. Others went crazy on her and she said her friend wrote that.

No matter how stupid I sound or how stupid I look I make sure I keep my son engaged in everything. It is paying off. It’s such a reward to see the results of acting like a fool in front of the world.

Here are a few videos of Parker that are amazing to us. If you saw him before this you would know what an accomplishment this is to us.





Hope you enjoyed watching some of Parker’s videos. 

How about that one with him doing that puzzle. The puzzle is designed to have an empty peg spot but he didn’t like that at all. He figured out how to fix it and he was really thinking about it.

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Dawn Meyers Author of RaisingAutism.me


Children in New Jersey diagnosed with #Autism is 1 in 41.


Children in New Jersey diagnosed with #Autism is 1 in 41.

Our boy is 16 and we have raised him with nothing but love and participation.

His school took away a lot of his services. He gets no Occupational Therapy and only 15 minutes of Individual Speech once a week and 15 minutes of Group Speech a week.

He is nonverbal besides the words that we teach him daily. But still, hasn’t developed a full sense of punctuation. He developed a sensory behavior and it was tough to figure out why he was doing it. But when we did we asked for Occupational Therapy back in school because he had gotten therapy in the squeeze machine and we believe this is why he is doing this behavior at home.

The school called DYFS on me instead and told me to get in-home services for him since they see no behaviors at school. They had us investigated for abuse and neglect with the Department of Children and Families. DYFS. It was found to be Not Established.

We are so disheartened by this situation. Our son has gone to school every day and is always healthy and happy. The behavior therapist told us that what Parker was doing at home was an attention getting behavior and he is begging for attention.

This is a sensory behavior caused by taking away the squeeze machine. It all matched up with his extreme weight gain and the sensory behavior he was now doing at home.
When I begged for them to just let him use it a couple times a month they said he could come down there anytime he wanted. I was also told to get a Doctor script for Occupational Therapy and I did and they denied it and said he can still use the OT/PT room on an as needed basis. He doesn’t talk and doesn’t realize he needs to go there.

I don’t understand what is going on and I am fighting for our family every day. Howard and I have always been 100 percent participating in school. Always at meetings. Always come to events, parties and would drive miles and miles to find something Parker needed to have to participate in classroom events.

We hardly look like a family that neglects our boy. You all can see here on Facebook and on our YouTube channel Parkersmom215 that both my boys have been nothing but loved and cared for. I don’t see how and autistic behavior is caused by us.

I don’t understand why someone that has never come to your home or seen anything you ever do for your child would pick up the phone and do something like that to a family.

Especially a school that is supposed to provide autistic services. I don’t see where he is even getting any services.

He wants to talk so bad and we are teaching him every day just like I always have. I am a kick ass mom and my husband is so supportive and loves his children so much. He works his butt off daily to provide for us. The divorce rate with Autism is very high and always has been and to see a man still raising his family right there should be a sign of nothing but love and participation.

I know I shouldn’t rant on here and usually don’t but I want others to know what has happened to me. I know others out there that have had the same happen to them. We are not the ones you should be looking at.

How about the families that don’t participate in anything at all or don’t show up to meetings that pertain to their children. How about the boy I saw on the news tied up and sitting next to a house in a vacant lot.

The therapists at the meeting that I asked to have with everyone who has anything to do with Parker on January 18th told me that I had to tell in home services that we feared for our lives when my son got upset and we also fear for his. We were told we had to tell them he is so much worse than he is so that we get the services we need in place for him at home. I said they would take him away from us. They said not necessarily and if they took him to crisis for a couple days it would not be so bad. When I told them I was helping my mom when I could because she had breast cancer surgery so what he was doing at home might have gotten a little out of control but now I will have to make sure I can’t help my mom anymore so I will be there all the time with him like I always am. The behavior therapist said I am sorry this is such bad timing for you.

I am still so sad over that meeting. The people you trust to take care of your kid every day at school would allow him to be traumatized at a crisis center when he absolutely does not deserve to be there. They even said he has no behavior log in school anymore because his aggressive behaviors are not existent in school. Then why do you want him to go away and why would you say I need to get in home services. Something I have begged to get for years and years when yes I would say we really needed it. But now our boy has calmed down a lot and knows what is expected of him and tries hard every day to let us know what it is that he really wants.

I spoke to the new social worker there several times since September and asked for help in the situation because we believed it was sensory. I also asked for a couple other things she could help me with and I got this instead. I am getting no help from them.

I really think someone better hurry up and figure out what is causing Autism so we can cure it. Soon there will be no one that doesn’t have #Autism.

Our Autism Experience

I wrote Our Autism Experience 4 years ago and I never shared it with the world as much as I wanted to. So here it is. Enjoy.

I thought I would write about the Autism Experience. Our Autism Experience. Sounds like the name of a ride at Disney. With the rate of Autism rising daily maybe it should be. I know my experience has been a ride. An experience that everyone should feel. To be in someone else’s shoes is the best way to learn.

Imagine if we could only feel like our children do then we would know what they need help with. Imagine if we could feel like others that raise children with Autism.

My experience so far is rather hard to talk about. Just a lot to say is more like it. Not that I don’t regret every minute of it. Children with any disability can teach us lots. Instead of teaching them they teach us.

Every time I go to a Children’s Hospital I see how lucky some of us do have it. I see Children worse off than my boy and parents that I am sure they cry themselves to sleep every night.

I feel sad that I ever dare complain that I have a child that is healthy to some extent. He may have problems communicating but he has full use of his limbs. My boy may not be able to process things like we do but I know I have a 99.9 percent chance that he will wake up tomorrow morning. Others don’t have that chance.

So who am I to complain that I have to make sure that I never sleep at night with fear that my child will creep out into the night. He has done this many times before and to my horror and my joy he has done this while completely naked. In turn was returned to us safe when a good person called the police to report what he was seeing. If my child were not naked he may have gotten farther and would have brought him right out in the middle of The Roosevelt Blvd.

I thank God every day that I have the strength to keep him safe from harm. I thank God every day I see him smile at me. I thank God every day for his Guardian Angel that watches over him when I can’t.

My Autism Experience has been nothing to complain about. I get to stay home now and grow old with my kids. If my child were not Autistic I would have no choice to stay with the career I had built over 11 years.

My Autism Experience is nothing to complain about. We save lots of money cause it is hard for us to go out. It is really hard to find support when your child could hit a person and we don’t understand why.

So you see I should not complain about a thing. But I still seem to feel so much pain. I know how lucky I have it but yet I still feel hopeless. Not sure if this will ever get better for him. Will he ever speak to me so he can tell me how he is really feeling? Will he ever stop hurting others so we can take him out more often and show him more of the World?

What seems to be happening is I am learning to live The Autism Experience with him.


Dawn Meyers  Author of RaisingAutism.me


Until Someone Told Us Different (#Autism)

A video series by Dawn Meyers about the struggles of our family dealing with a situation of Autism, State, and School. It’s an interesting story if you would like to listen. It is broken up into 8 parts so you can come back to it. The story is quite long and I could have written it but I decided to record it so you can just relax and listen and see some of our family photos. I am happy to do this because it helps me and helps raise awareness of what is going on out there in the world of autism. Thanks for watching and leave comments, please. I would love your feedback.

My YouTube Channel Parkersmom215 / Facebook dawnmeyers96 /









Hope you enjoyed my video series. I know I babbled. But it’s kinda like watching a movie where you need to build the characters before you tell the story. I did both at the same time. Hope it wasn’t too painful. LOL. It was a long night. I was up till after 5 am. recording this. I don’t even remember what I said most of the time but I do know what my point was.


Dawn Meyers Author of raisingautism.me

Until Someone Told Us Different

Until someone told us different is a story a bit off the marketing topic. But it is a story that I feel needs to be told and since you are all some of my closest friends out here I feel that I should tell you. 

It’s been bothering me since the day it happened December 20th, 2016. Some of you may already know but I still need to write about it because I need to raise some awareness here.

In a couple days, I will be walking into my son’s school to start a small war. For 6 years he has gone to this school and he is now 16 and he has Autism. If you don’t know what Autism is then you should find out because now 1 in every 36 kids are being diagnosed with it. When our boy was diagnosed he was 3 years old and we had found that something wasn’t right with him when he was about 15 months old. 

Parker Jay Meyers, he was born. Beautiful red hair and blue eyes that have since changed to green. He did seem a little different than his older brother but he was still developing normal and he even started to talk. Then one day it all went away and he wasn’t the Parker he was the day before.  

So we loved him and raised him and did everything we could to make him happy and safe. My husband and I left our career that we were at for 11 years to accommodate the things we needed to do for Parker. He needed special attention and we knew our lives would never be the same again.  

We had therapists coming round the clock and it made it difficult to work the hours we had so my husband started another job that paid the money we both made together. The people there weren’t nice to him and always made sure he didn’t meet his quota and he got laid off and the management felt bad for him and offered him a job mopping the floors. Not quite the career he was looking for so he took unemployment instead and started going to truck driving school. I, of course, was home taking care of everything by now. Having to leave the job I really loved. Where we met and got married and started our family.    

Now my husband was a truck driver over the road and was never home. A very hard life to live but we did it for our boys it’s the only way we knew how. Then finally one day I came up with an idea that turned into a dream come true. We opened up a Cyber Cafe in Philadelphia PA. It was really cool and a great place to be. People came to have their birthday parties there and we held tournaments were kids came and showed off their video game skills. The recession took it away from us along with our zoning lawyer that we paid a lot of money for that did nothing for us that we later sued and won our money back.   

So this time we were in the Philadelphia school district with our sons and not the greatest place to go to school. But before that, they were in the Camden school district and we thought we were making a better move. I always wanted Parker to be in the school he is at now. Everything was great there until now. 

We changed our lives because we knew that we would need to have services for Parker that would take up all our time but after early intervention we got none. We applied many times and made many phone calls as I watched all the families I knew around me get all kinds of services in their homes. Why did our son always fall through the cracks? We even one time applied for Autism Camp and were accepted. We were so looking forward to Parker going but then we got a letter with regret that the camp was closing. 

So here we go again another year of nothing for our son. But we defeated the odds and just kept pushing and raising our sons the best way we could. Moving from place to place to find them the right schools for them. We never left in the middle of a school year and we were always moving right in the middle of the summer. 

I could go on forever telling you all the things we did for them. We always took them places and as Parker grew up he got more aggressive. It was hard to deal with because he would always hurt us and when we went out somewhere and he was frustrated or exhausted he would sometimes pinch a stranger. Thank God they were understanding. We were always afraid that we would find someone that was not so happy about being abused by my son.  

He used to be so bad that we were uninvited to holiday dinners with family because they were afraid he may hurt their children. We always gave up a lot and couldn’t do what many other people got to do. I would always have to imagine the worst thing that could happen somewhere if my son were to run from us or hurt another stranger.  

We always tried to do things and would have the best time we could until it was time to wrap it up because Parker was no longer happy. We never had a normal life but we were happy with it and we strived every day to make our lives better.  

My son goes through different phases of symptoms and we teach him how to get through them any way we can. Always still applying for services and never ever getting them. Last year we applied again because his school assured us that this time they’d make sure he would get them. Then he was 14. My husband and I sat there for hours filling out a book of information and we were happy to do it. Some of his problems were affecting all of us and we really needed someone to help us figure out why he was doing all this.  

After we lost our store and my husband worked a few different jobs he found a good one in Property Preservation. Working for companies that took care of foreclosed homes for the banks until they were sold. Something different and he made good money and someone trusted him to take care of a county and hire people to help him with the jobs. They trusted him with a credit card and soon gave him a company van and a raise. He was at this job for years while we moved our sons to better schools. To the schools, they are at now. 

We had support from our families and they helped in many different ways even trying to babysit sometimes so we could go out and have a date night. We were always with our kids and we never went anywhere without them. It was difficult for them to watch him for the fear of him leaving the house which he was very good at doing. He was quick and slick and he always knew where you hid the key. It was a mother’s worst nightmare come true. I could go on forever writing about the horror stories that happened through the years. Maybe I will write about this later. Because what I am talking about here is why after all these years and all this time do you want to now come here and mess up our lives. 

There are many people out there including the people taking care of our kids that know not a thing about what they are dealing with and I got that confirmed to me at a speech group that I attended a couple weeks ago. Without even wanting to tell me she said to me that they are just learning themselves about how to communicate with these kids and they really don’t know. Oh really then. How can you then tell me how I should communicate with my son when you don’t know yourselves. 

My son wants to talk and you are teaching him how to talk with cards and now an IPAD that has a program that will talk for him. He is very good at using it but now it is broke and he without it.

When our son was 10 he was released from individual speech therapy because the speech teacher said in his opinion if a child doesn’t speak by the age of 10 then he won’t but I knew he would and his teacher that I thank God for, got to hear him say “YES IT DOES” when he came to visit us at our new house in NJ.

So his school has also taken away occupational therapy and they tell me he doesn’t need it but I say he does because I am having a hard time breaking him of some of his symptoms. When he had occupational therapy it was easier to manage him and redirect him. We did an excellent job bringing him out of a lot of his behaviors. But this one has been hard to beat. He likes the sensation of having water on his thighs. He will dump water all over him and he used to do this in the bathroom with no clothes on and drenching the floors with inches of water. Eventually ruining our floors. He would take paper towels and wet them and throw them at the walls and the shower and they would stick there like when we used to throw paper towels at the ceiling in school.   

I had many meetings at school trying to solve these problems and then they mentioned getting services. Again I said I will try but very doubtful we would get them. We are always being denied for some reason. We sat there for hours filling out these forms and then had to rush home as we saw our son’s bus leaving school while we were still on the phone with the company we were applying for services. But we thought it was worth it. 

Of course, once again our services were denied because of paperwork that was needed and I was assured would be taken care of. The summer comes and I get another letter stating the services were denied again. This time we have another meeting and I said we don’t need the services now I am not trying again. We are doing just fine all this time without them. The Principal said she was in awe hearing me talk about the ways I help my son and deal with his everyday challenge. It made me feel good to hear that from her and so did it my husband.     

We were good parents even though we gave ourselves no credit. Then came the day someone told us different. A brand new social worker that knew nothing about us except for a few phone calls where we discussed Parkers new problem we were working through and just about disappeared until she decided to pick up the phone and report us for abuse and neglect because my son was still pouring water on himself now with clothes on and was damaging the color on his skin. I could not stop him no matter how much I tried and I would stand there forever making him change his clothes only to just do it again. 

I was constantly taking him to the doctor and using lotion on him and so was the nurse at the school and she would call to tell me. Then he started piling blankets and sheets on the bed and would wet them all standing right in front of me. There was nothing I could do about it and knew it was just a phase taking a little longer to grow out of.     

Now my main point here is no one in the world knows much about Autism except the kids who have it themselves and the parents who raise them every day. You say you want to help me and then I am standing there explaining to two ladies in my house why they should not be there in the first place. How embarrassing and demeaning. Now you’re going to come to my house and hurt my family.

They made me take my son to an emergency room on the coldest night of the season where there were teenagers lying there on their mothers and every infectious disease door closed with people in it. We were all the way down in the last room and were there for 5 and a half hours to have the doctor say to me “now why are you here”? How embarrassing bringing my son with a little bit of red on his skin from something he is doing to himself. The Doctor needed to write a note for us that says that this is something Parker was doing to himself. The Doctor was amazed and many of them usually are when they send my son and many others to the doctors for no reason at all just because they are holding their ears too much in school. Or asked your kid if they weren’t feeling well. They would make us take them to the doctors because they didn’t understand Autism. They would swear your kid had an ear infection and would not let them back into school. These are people taking care of our kids and know nothing about what makes them tick. 

We are being questioned as parents although I was told the abuse and neglect case is dropped but they want to come and help me with some family management services. Are you serious? 

We own a company we have for 2 years and we manage 6 workers that do services for us. We pay payroll. We do the books. We put orders in the computer to the companies. We manage the routes and the workers that woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  

We are always working to better ourselves and raise our family in the best way we know how. I also work here online and it does take some time to do this stuff and I am still keeping up my house and taking care of business everywhere else. I am active at school and I participate. Our social worker at the time we were starting our business got us a donation of 2000 dollars at Christmas so we could give our kids a nice Christmas and help us with some cash for food and gas while we established our business that took off fast.  

Now a new social worker came to town and she is barely older than my niece and I doubt she even has any children. She believed after the hours we talked that we were warranted as parents of abuse and neglect. Someone that knows nothing about us and only spoke to me on the phone 4 times in 3 months.  

While we were questioned and demeaned by the worst word anyone in NJ wants to hear “DYFS”, we were humiliated for having a child who is different. Making my 17 yr old get up out of bed to talk to them. He was taking an after school nap because he works hard. He is a straight A+ student in computer science and has since been writing essays to get into colleges that he had just applied for 2 days before. He was also nominated one year to attend the National Young Leaders State Conference in DC where he would have worked with senators and the President. Something we couldn’t afford to send him at the time. He volunteered his summers at a program to help others like school something he struggled with until we were able to get him in there in 7th grade. He was a very well behaved boy who was always picked on and beat up in school until he came to Delsea Regional in Franklinville NJ. He is graduating this year. He was just accepted to Rowan College this week.     

Yes, my son will now get his services since the new Social Worker found the papers that I told her we already filled out laying on the desk where the other social worker left them when she had to leave for family emergencies. Two days before DYFS came to our door she told me that she sees where we filled out the paperwork. After DYFS came to my house I called a friend with an Autistic boy who also had DYFS called on them and their son is now 17. I mean really. I then found that another friend I left when I moved had DYFS called on her 4 times. This is getting a bit ridiculous.     

So a therapist came to the house and she said that she would be in contact with us for who would be coming to our house for Parker. But who is coming first? The family management services on Thursday at 4:30. Right in the middle of the time we are taking our check to the bank. So this will all be a distraction for us and I hope that all this will not bring down us. Not the services for Parker because we welcome them but I do believe that school needs to put him back in occupational therapy and one on one speech because he is ready to talk and I will give you a few links to see if you want. 





I guess I could go on for hours and I am sure you probably know us by now. I am sure you can now know what it’s like to walk in our shoes. We know our son better than anyone does and they all say they are just learning themselves. So who are you to tell us any different. I can’t wait to face that lady at school on Wednesday that I told already that she betrayed me and that I will never trust telling her another thing about me or my son. I thought you were there to work with me in making my child learn to live our society which time is now running out because his father and I aren’t getting any younger. I can’t burden his brother with caring for him because he may have his own family by then to care for.

I have been working out here online for a long time and when those people came to my house they made me feel different like I was wasting my time out here when I should be doing other things. But what I really need to do is forget about those feelings and just learn how to make this all work so we can be able to make sure our son is safe when we are gone.

Thanks for reading my long story and if you interested in knowing more let me know and I will write some more here about us. I could write a book.       

“How I Got Scammed Online. An Intriguing Story By Me!”

This is an intriguing story about how I got scammed online. I wasn’t the only one and it wasn’t the only time. I know it is not a good subject to talk about as they say but I really want people to know about the nightmare I lived. 

You will have to excuse how long it is. I was going to break it up but I want to make sure you all get to read it all at once. 

I recently posted a Blog about how not to get scammed. But I had already been. I mentioned it happened to a friend as well with a different situation. 

I wrote this years ago and never published it. This happened in 2013 the year we were all going to be rich. I hope you enjoy this. I really needed to write it and I did years ago. I have come so far and have never given up. With a story like this, I think you would have. 

Life with Profitable Sunrise. I know this may be a little bit of a bad subject but someone has to talk about it. Someone has to talk to someone that knows exactly how you feel when you say the words “Profitable Sunrise”. Most people you talk to are your immediate circle and what you hear from them is “I told you so”. Oh, how we wanted them to be wrong.

If you don’t know what Profitable Sunrise is or was you will in just a bit. You will see what something like this can do to someone and decide whether you would ever take the chance that I and many others took. 

In December  2012 I joined a program called Profitable Sunrise. It was designed by 2 brothers and I won’t name them in my blog. They said they were Christians and just wanted to help us. They gave us the opportunity to lend them our resources for them to be able to run their own business which involved lending money to businesses at an interest rate of 3% a day every day for the term of the loan. In turn, he would return to us a reward for lending him our resources at 2.15% a day for 170 business days. Not including weekends and holidays.

So I looked over everything and said ok I’m putting 100 dollars in. I would if I was at the slot machine but with having a child with Autism has really cramped my trips to the casino. I have saved myself a fortune in casino trips. So why not take a gamble.

The thing is it was supposed to be a gamble. But it was more than that. When you go to the casino and you look at the slot machine you don’t make a personal connection with that machine. The machine doesn’t say to you I am going to help you. I am going to give you lots of money and change your life. It doesn’t say hey tell your family and tell your friends put money in here I will change their lives too.

The slot machine doesn’t hold weekly calls showing you all the things you can do with your money. How you can maximize your earnings and then join in 2 different private ventures that will handle your money and give you peace of mind. The slot machine doesn’t tell you that you are going to do just fine. I will pay you for years to come. NO RISK.

Here is the rest of my story. When I joined of course. I knew this wasn’t real. But you have just as much chance walking into the casino or playing the lottery. So if I didn’t give it a try then I would be kicking myself later. So like I said I put in $100.00. I watched my account grow. The first day I had $2.15 added to my account and the next day it was a few cents higher than that.

It got addictive seeing me get richer with every sunrise. So I put in another $100.00 a couple weeks later. My account doubled in rewards. Next thing I knew by the end of February I was nearing $300.00.

We had a group leader that was a former beauty queen and she was the leader of a charity ministry. She had a Pastor in her organization that took over helping her with the group. Weekly calls and webinars. Webinars that took over 3 hours. The group was growing fast. In one of the webinars, they showed us how to set up multiple accounts. They showed us how we could get the same amount of money month after month by opening up 8 separate accounts for eight months. They even told us that if we put 30.00 in that in 2 years it would be 1.5 million. So now I opened accounts for my 2 kids and my stepson. They would be able to go to college. Plus my one boy has Autism and I wanted him to be able to never worry where he would get money. I even opened an account for my son’s baseball team. I really wanted to help them get their field together. They have no lights on the field. It was something I really wanted to do. It is all about giving. That’s what the leaders told us.

It was a saying that was always used. It’s all about giving. I love to give. But I rarely have enough to give. Many nights I sat with friends and family talking about how cool it would be to hand someone a 100 dollar tip. How fun it would be to mess with people’s minds. Just because you could. After all, it wasn’t your money, to begin with.

If you wanted to be safe you could keep compounding off for 47 days and you could withdraw your original contribution. So you wouldn’t have lost everything. Then you turn it on and get higher rewards for the remaining days.

I want to know why I am using the safe terms when describing something that is not there anymore thanks to many that just couldn’t control the greed. They had to plaster ads everywhere and get the attention of everyone. Explain the program the way it wasn’t meant to be. Even with the constant internet patrol of Profitable Sunrise members to protect what we all had.   

They had a button on the site where you could actually give money to a member. There was also a place to give to the groups charity. That charity was doing well too. And people were giving. We were all having a great time. We never got sleep at night especially on the night of a webinar when they were showing you with an excel calculator made especially for our group.

With these calls and webinars that took up every Saturday and I remember Tuesdays and Thursdays sometimes Friday it became a part of our lives. We were living the dream. We were all going to make it. We had to tell others about it that we cared about. I didn’t care if I got a single person in on the internet I just wanted to help my family and friends.

With the information that we were given in the form of webinars and videos, I was able to get 3 friends and 3 family members in. Not to mention the accounts that I made for my family. The amount of members and the amount of money was growing in big numbers by the day. It seemed like everything was going great.

So I decided to put my money up for the Long Haul plan. Then I put in some more. We were showed how we could turn so little into so much. I put in 1200 this including my daily award and commissions from friends and families deposits and just a little bit of my income tax. We were told that what we put in would be matched and given back to us on March 25th. It was called an Easter Gift. The Easter gift then changed to April 1st. I knew that was going to happen for some reason. I was making a joke saying it was an April Fools.

So through the days I saw my money go up and up. I was getting a higher rate and I had more money in this time. I was making over 50.00 a day and I was feeling better. I was doing more around the house. I was less stressed about bills in the future. We have a loan hanging over us that is almost 160 grand and a family pay back at 20 grand and another at 7 grand. I joined network marketing to help pay back some of these debts. So far I am in the hole. I was doing this all the time. Ignoring my friends and family to do nothing but sit on the computer and market. Getting nowhere. A few bites here and there but nothing to brag about. I was feeling better and doing more spending less time in front of my computer.

We received updates and emails from the leaders and the owner telling us everything was going great and they looked forward to the Easter Gift. It was a lot of preaching scriptures on our calls and we weren’t all Christians. We were all the same. Just trying to make it out there and it seemed we had finally got our break. Profitable Sunrise had been since 2009 and it was still going. Some people had already cashed in on 3 terms. They went out of their way to show us how this program was sustainable. How we could be paid our Easter Gift without a problem.

Then one day North Carolina had a problem with Profitable Sunrise and asked to see some documents or just register in their state. Then I started to get nervous. We were told everything was fine. We were told the owner would do right by us. I knew that there was no way the US Government was going to let us participate. We were told it didn’t matter because it was offshore. Then more and more states and some countries joined in on the fight with Profitable Sunrise and we received a letter from the owner saying the IRS says we must pay taxes. So from now on only Bank Wires. We were starting to sweat it out but we were told we were ok that the owner is doing the right thing.

I was having nightmares. I would wake up in a puddle of sweat. I never really knew what it was I was dreaming about. I just knew it wasn’t good dreams. I was consumed with what was going to happen. But I kept on thinking about all the assurance we had gotten from the leaders and the owner. Everything was going to be ok cause the owner was going to do right by us.

Well then here it goes with the joke on us. One day I logged on and it was all gone. I was told the site was down for server migration. But it would be back. There were special calls telling us everything was ok. Even a girl that worked for Profitable Sunrise support was on the line telling us everything that was going to happen. She said they were changing the site making things better for us and more secure and they were hiring 150 people just for the US support.  So everything sounded good.

Then the next thing I knew some guy was dedicating his time to making a site talking about Profitable Sunrise going down and how we were scammed and set out to make it miserable for everyone who joined. He just wanted some exposure of his own so everyone would come and join him in whatever he did. He may even still have the Profitable Sunrise counter on his site. Counting the time that the site has been down. He was mean and said so many terrible things. He doesn’t even think about who he may be hurting. He was running after the leader of our group and tracking her down to see if her stories were true. She was very angry and got on a call and told us not to listen to this man. He is just trying to get attention to his business and that he had been stalking her and her family. So we got a couple more updates with no word. The group leader who was in contact with the owner has not a thing to say because she hasn’t spoken with him. They blamed it on down servers. But I say what is wrong with the phone.

So by this time you know I was going nuts. I had to tell my family and friends that they were all right. I had lost their money just as they said I would right from the beginning.  I was very down and depressed and actually just wanted to hide from the world. I slept all the time I cried all the time. I wrote a few letters to marketing friends that were in it too that I was giving up on everything because I never wanted to sell or involve another person in anything I was doing because it is just losing everyone money. I was not here. My mind was just drifting off. I could not focus on anything and I was still waking in sweats.

But there was still a chance everyone was hanging on to the dream. April 1st was to come soon and we would all get to see that he kept his word. April 1st is my oldest son’s birthday and it was supposed to be a happy day. I even had to tell him that I lost his money also and his dream of going to college and his brother living in Disney was gone for now. But I really wasn’t in the mood to think I could change anything. As far as I am concerned you can and me to the statistic of network marketing failures. I was giving up.

April 1st became the biggest April Fools joke I have ever had done to me. By someone that I didn’t even know. I was so tired and I didn’t care much anymore. I was never going to see all the things that money was going to do for us. Not the Easter Gift so much. It was the end result. In February 2014 I was going to be able to take the entire family to Disney World for a reunion and never miss the money. I would be able to pay back my loans and have enough money to move on our own again and get the services that we need for our son. I wouldn’t have even cared if I made another penny. I really just wanted to have that for us.  

Thanks for taking the time to read my long story and if you were also a victim of this scam or any other and want to let others know. Leave a comment below. 


Dawn Meyers Author of RaisingAutism.me


Imagine No One Understands You


 Imagine no one understands you and no one will get you want you really want. Or not know that you aren’t feeling good because you can’t tell them so they drag you here and there to run errands or send you to school feeling like crap. Not be able to stand the sight, smell, feel or taste of food so you can’t eat the right foods. Not being able to complete simple things that we all take for granted daily. Imagine having to move 4 times in 12 years just to find the services that you need. Imagine the frustration you must have to see your parents struggle, cry and argue daily over the stress you bring to the family.

 Although you know they really love you they still can’t help feeling the impact of Autism which is what you have. Severe Autism that stops you in your tracks of society. Not looking different but acting different. The looks, the stares, the comments your parents hear when they take you out somewhere. At times they ignore it and other times they are stressing. You do very strange things sometimes that make people turn their heads.

 Imagine never being able to watch a movie or TV show all the way to the end because you have to keep hearing the same line over and over for hours on end. Imagine never being able to play with your brother or have any friends because you prefer not to be with others.

 No one being able to see your strong points like how much you try to speak to them. That’s why you hit them when they can’t understand. No one knowing how smart you really are even though you are learning your way around the internet without ever typing a word since 18 months old.

 Parker is so awesome. He has taught me so much. So much about life that I take for granted. We all love him so much. Yes, I struggle every day because we have only one income. Worry every day will my power be cut off.

 I raise his brother also. He is first born 14-year-old Hayden. Also, an awesome boy who wants to be closer to his brother. They were so perfect together when they were much younger. Playing together and also bonding as brothers until one day his brother went away inside a different world.

 Since then it has been a struggle learning how to get inside Parker’s world. So what we do is love him and show him that every day. Taking the time to hug and kiss him and listen to the same lines in that movie over and over again. Trying to understand what it is that he wants and learning cues that tell you it is time to duck.

 People who know us can’t understand how we get through it. I think nothing of it. I just get up every day and do it. Although being severely depressed takes a toll on my daily tasks. All I really am grateful for is when I go to sleep at night my family is with me.

 That’s what really matters. Not any money could replace what I am grateful for each day. But it is a necessity and I really would love to have just enough of it to pay my bills and pay my mother and father for the house that they bought for us. Depleting their savings to help my sons live in the right town. I am grateful for them every day of my life and everyone else who cares about us. We may not have the money to pay them back but they will be always thought of as the people who help us get through the days of our lives.

 Over 2 years of online marketing has taken a toll on my finances as well. Joining everyone who promised me the world. Working very hard while ignoring the family and the everyday stuff that needs to be done. Struggling to build a team that wants the same thing I want. Just to be able to make a small income to contribute to the finances we have daily. This would make me feel I have worth for what I feel like now is so hard to explain.

 The many thoughts that go through my head make it very hard to work at this. I often feel that I should give up I was even told by a guy that I really suck at this.

 I look back at all my online work. Over 2 years worth and I laugh at all the failures. I know for sure this time that I can do it. I had a person join my team. Someone I didn’t even know. He found the ad I had listed because I didn’t give up.

 It would be nice to help others make some extra cash. It is badly needed in my house as I am sure it is in yours. So helping me is also helping you.

Your Friend

Dawn Meyers

Update: I am coming up on my 5th year of marketing and things are looking up. It was my own fault that I am not further than I should be. But now I am changing our lives and I can see it is helping even Parker. I am feeling better about my life and don’t have the everyday distractions about money and where is it coming from.

Parker is now 15 and Hayden is 17. They are both wonderful children and yes it is still a challenge but so worth it I’ll tell ya.. .