Savior Home Solutions LLC

SHS LLC stands for Savior Home Solutions LLC. A Property and Home Preservation company founded in January 2015.

Savior Home Solutions LLC works in the field of Property and Home Preservation. This includes helping Companies, Realtors, and Homeowners with various repairs, and safety requirements of foreclosed and tenant properties.

The name Savior came from “Save Your” Home. A play on words. Either way, we are Saviors. We have built our business from the ground up. We have a 5-star rating with our companies. We have helped many companies satisfy their clients with rush orders, reassigned orders and just plain old messes you would never ask your worst enemy to take care of. We have been in the industry for 7 years now. Owning our own company since January 2015. We have seen just about everything out there.

Please visit our video series on Property Preservation Talk, PPO & REO, Home Preservation.



I hope you are enjoying my series on the rewards and challenges of the Property Preservation Business. My next video is coming soon.

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