This is a story of My Climb up the Mountain.  Not an actual mountain but this mountain is still tough to climb.  You keep climbing up and over all the obstacles until you reach the top.  You might fall back down a little bit at a time but then you need to take a big leap over the next obstacle in your way.  You will then finally reach the top, Right?   A big accomplishment and coveted feeling for any mountain climber.

My climb began on September 2nd, 2016 when I decided to invest in my dream for entrepreneurs, marketers, and everyday people who believe that dreams are worth chasing.

My Why?  To be able to retire from running our company.  To be able to have others employed to help us run the everyday operations of our business.  So we can be able to spend more time with our family and friends and not be so involved in our business that we forget to make a life.

My Goals? To retire my husband from the grueling tasks of business.  To separate him from the daunting problems and obstacles he has to deal with daily.  So we can be a family and spend precious time with our kids who have grown before our eyes.  Never to have the distraction of when the next bill will be paid.  To be able to help others achieve their dreams. To be able to go out and just mess with people by giving and giving silly.

I will be able to pay our son Hayden’s way through college so he doesn’t leave college with just a degree but a big debt. I will be able to make an easier life for our son Parker who lives with Autism. I will get him the special care he needs to help him learn to live his life independently.

I will set up a financial future for our son’s so when we are no longer here they will need for nothing. Hayden will never have to worry about taking care of his brother financially. I will pay off the debts of my family and buy their homes for them. They will live the rest of their lives having fun.

I will have a clear mindset so I am able to focus on my health and well being so I will continue to be here for my sons for many years to come. I will have a clear mind to focus more on being available anytime someone needs me.

I will also buy a new home, and my vehicle will be paid for. I will take my son’s to Disney World anytime that I want. I imagine my home to be the perfect place. Very nice with lots of storage space and rooms designed to fit every piece of furniture that’s needed. My home will have rubber floors. My floors will be waterproof.  My walls will be unbreakable yet beautiful. My home will be energy efficient. Parker will get the jet tub with the color changing lights.

The vehicles I drive will be comfortable for the family yet still great for the environment. It will be the best vehicle I have ever driven. I will have unlimited funds for gas. I will purchase the best insurance.

I will go to see the ocean anytime I want.  I will go see the Northern Lights. I will zip line over Niagara Falls. I will also own a virtual reality holodeck.

I will pay my bills on autopilot and will make tons of money even while I am sleeping. 24 hours a day 7 days a week my cash flow will just always be.

When will I achieve my goals?  This I can’t answer but I know I have started and I started with a bang.  Today I have been announced the IBO ToolBox Featured Member Of The Day.  An honor I have not received in just over 4 years till today.

fmotd11-6    top-enroller

Today I also enrolled someone in IBO and I don’t know where they joined me from. I am always happy to help others like me enjoy this safe and free platform for all business owners and entrepreneurs.  Advertise Your Business and Connect With Others with this Free Safe Haven.

This site will be updated with my climb to the top of the mountain.

I am entering Step 13 of this 18 Step Digital Business & Marketing e-Learning system.

I am studying daily how to be a top-tier commission earner.

Here is a snapshot of my earnings to date:


These earnings are not that impressive but these are:

Here are snapshots of the progress of my fellow business associates. One, in particular, is a very good friend that I met out here in 2012. We have been chasing the dream for years. Only to find it was not our fault that we were failing. My friend so far has brought in over 8000 dollars. Not too shabby for just a few months.

If you are interested in Climbing with me just skip the Hype and Climb with me. See you at the top.  Race Ya!!!

.November 7,2016.

My figures are still the same but not the case with my brain. I am  learning the way that I should. I learned something about myself today while talking to my personal coach. I learned that I am teachable and that I am actually learning this course.  We all want to get in there and make the money. If you never did before what makes you think you will now. Without studying this course like you are attending a college class you will fail just like before.

November 11,2016

I am evolving with the law of attraction and have learned in the past couple days more about myself. I made my Vision Board and it was fun. I can’t believe how hard it was. I sat for hours trying to figure it out. What will I put on the board? Then it all just came together and I found myself ripping out magazine pages. I felt like I was in school again and it was fun to see the end result. I have room to add some more and can’t wait to see how much this will change my life.


Here is a story that I love to tell. The law of attraction is always working. Working on you and what you do. And what you do will come back to you. So far in my life, I’ve seen what I give has come back to me and sometimes instantly. But negativity will also come back and it’s not fun to see what happens. So always be positive and make your Vision Board and study it daily for about 15 minutes.

I always look for signs and I know that the universe has brought me to this moment in time. This is my time and I will have whatever I need to survive.

November 16, 2016

Today I was able to do something I never thought in a million years I could. I asked for your help by climbing with me or to donate even a penny. So I will reach my goals much faster. I will even be able to help you. You will learn the secret to true success and fulfill your dreams that I know you want. I always dreamed of helping others by showing how we can help entire towns. Create a movement to pay off houses and buy the car of our dreams. Pay off college for our children and to just do anything we want to. I can show you how.

So today I started a Go Fund Me page. ( NO Longer UP) Something I never felt I was worthy of. I do have a hard life with Parker but I never thought I had it as hard as some. I always look at things with a silver lining and know I can handle whatever I am given. I just want this so very bad. To be like all the others before me. I have always wanted this but it was so hard to understand.

Come back often and check out my climb and remember you can do this with me.

November 19,2016

One day I will look back at this and be amazed at how much I will have change our lives. I will have my dream come true. I will be able to position myself  higher then RISE and I will be set for financial greatness.

I did something amazing today I put my ad in the yearbook. I have even started an awesome FaceBook ad. I am working on getting funded so I will be financially free.

This system is proven to work and it is changing my life daily so even though the money is not yet amazing I am feeling that way. This system is teaching me how to train my mind to think like a millionaire and not an employee.

I am working hard on staying away from the negative thoughts and feelings people will put in your head. They will tell me it can’t be done and this is a big scam to get your money. This system has shown me how I can change my life.

Here is a great idea. Why don’t you start your climb with me and make our dreams come true together? When I can position myself higher I will learn more how to convert top-tier high ticket products into cash in my bank daily. I want to be able to show you how and the only way I can do that is if you join. Will you be the first featured in My Climb as the top team commission earner?


An amazing earner and an amazing person.

November 25th, 2016

Although today was Thanksgiving we were all still out here blogging and placing ads and I am sure some of you took this day to call some leads cause most likely they were home.

I spent my day with my family and yes I did do some writing. I am not forgetting my vision to be a better mom and wife. To be able to do whatever the hell I want. But I won’t be selfish. I will use some of my time to help other people. So when I am making barrels full of money I will just deposit some in someone’s bank account.

My climb is slow and I admit a lot of it is because of me. I need to get some cash to fund my traffic of course and i am trying to find a great money source.

I mentioned tonight at Thanksgiving dinner that in 2017 we will have Thanksgiving in my mansion and all be catered. by the best Chef’s in the world. Everyone laughed and said sure yeah. Well, I am serious.

I am slowly climbing and positioning myself for greatness. I achieved a goal the other day. I got a new lead into my system and I am hoping they will decide to take the climb with me.

I also put a half page ad in my son’s senior yearbook. I wonder how many people would have the guts to do that.



My son will be featured in my FaceBook ad that will get me the money to reach Apex.

I had a great idea to higher people to get me sales and pay them a cut of my commission. Nothing is going to stop me this year. 2017 will be the year I make the money to close our business and spend precious time with family and friends.


This is a picture of my IBO profile. with 656 views to my profile. The highest I have ever gotten and I had gotten a lead from it. It is exciting for me. The last few days my numbers have been impressive and I even got two subscribers on my blog site .

The Secret of success I am now learning after all these years will transform our lives to no imagine. Don’t forget to Climb with me. I am sure that you will thank me for it later.

December 5, 2016

Climbing Day. I just got approved for a loan that will let me Climb from RISE to ASCEND. It is a high payback but hey I’m going to make it back. I have bad credit and I own a business so I am using that for leverage so I will be positioning myself higher so I will wake up to a $50,000 day.   It will happen.

What is so serious about this loan and why I am thinking this is a sign that I must take is that the lender name is Ascend Funding. I got the phone call confused when he called and thought it was someone from Digital Altitude and I took the call. So I am jumping in.

I created a couple videos and I will post them here. My newer on is first. It is a bit shorter than the first one I made. So enjoy. I’ll see you back here when it’s over. Because this page runs so long I will make a new one called My Climb 2

My YouTube channel was taken down and I really had no idea why so this video is no longer available.

December 16,2016

My Climb to the top has come to a bump in the road and the bad thing is I have money on the table. But it’s not so bad because it is up to me to make it back. I know that I can.

If you watched my videos you can see how passionate I am about winning at this. But what I have found that is happening is exactly what my Digital Altitude coach told me would.

It’s been a long time since I talked to him. I did, however, talk to him last week for just a few minutes and I could not wait to be able to talk to him again. Not because I am in love or anything like that. It is because he is the best coach in Digital Altitude. He was so good for me and I was so happy to get on my daily calls with him and others that were Climbing too. He would hold us accountable for actions that needed to be addressed in order to position our minds for the greatest success.

As you can see there are lots of things written here that shows you that I am not all about the Hype but I must tell you I do fall for it. I can tell you now that I had put two thousand dollars plus in Digital Altitude and not seeing results I started turning to other programs that say they can help put leads in your Digital Altitude business.

I am spending more money then ever before. I have so many things on reoccurring payments my husband would cringe if he knew. He supported my decision in Digital Altitude because he trusts that what I put my mind to I will do.

I worked all my life at many different places. I did so many things I might have been in every trade there was. I was even a security guard. I worked for Donald Trump and the only place I ever made a career of I had to leave after 11 years because of Autism. But what I had always done was find the person there that did their job the best and knock them right out of their position. Any job I wanted I got. I would leave a job because of PMS. I am serious I would wake up one day and just say I quit. But after I was back in the right place I would say what the heck was I thinking. I thought it was the same 4 walls syndrome but no it was just PMS.

So back to the money thing and what is now happening is a nightmare. I will not be funding my Climb to Ascend as soon as I expected. Let’s be honest here I did not join a Cult. LOL.

One the last day I was coached by Beau Ryan he told us all to find a way to come up with the money to at least get to PEAK but I really wanted to be at APEX so I could wake up one day and see a twenty thousand dollar sale. It has happened to people I know.

We were told while waiting for our funding we will have obstacles and shiny objects out there. There will be nay sayers and just negative people that will try to tell you that you are in a scam and don’t listen to them and just study and believe in what you want.

We were told that 30 to 90 days will not begin till we are positioned at a higher level. and started with our training then. So I was sure that Beau Ryan would make sure we were successful. I trusted in this so much I applied for so many loans I locked my credit score.

 When I finally took a call one day from Ascend Funding not related at all. I knew this was the Universe telling me to take this loan and position myself at ASCEND.

So with the terms of this loan, I was positioning my family for great failure and no matter how much I wanted it I let others tell me it is not possible. Just like Beau said they would. Like I said I have swayed off the path and not really setting myself in the position to make my twelve hundred dollars sales each time someone Climbed to RISE.

My problem is now that I am confused and am stuck on what to do next. I listen to videos on Youtube from all the people I know out there that are making it happen and I just watch and study what they are doing. I read guides and watch webinars and buy traffic that goes nowhere. As you can see I love to write but am I writing in the right place. I don’t know everything about SEO but I know enough to get by. I am getting some following to my blog site now. Just because of what I am writing about.

It’s all about being you and just be honest about what you do. You may actually find someone out there that just might really want to help you. They won’t take you for a ride either. I have been on many and when you get out you want to puke.

I see so many people making it happen and they don’t even have to do a thing. Because Digital Altitude does it all for you. But do they really? I am not being a hater now just stating the facts as I see them.

Yes, when someone joins the Climb with you they take over and walk you through the Steps. I am grateful that they do because I would never be able to close a 10,000 dollar or more sale I would never be able to keep someone Climbing and would just give up I am sure. So they are wonderful for doing that. All you need to do is drive traffic to your site.

They are supposed to show you how to do all this but it is actually at the Mastery classes on the Caribean Islands you will get when you get to PEAK. When you are at Ascend you get to go to the Event in Hawaii this year in March. I was invited to go but not sure I will be able because of my autistic son. I have never left his side since the day he was born and never spent a night away from.

This Event is supposed to be life changing. It is something I could see myself doing and am excited to share it with such a great friend that showed me this system and trusted that I could help her build a successful team. That I wasn’t just some tire kicker.

I really am not I am on here till 3 am every day. I sleep only 3 hours a night and all I feel like I am doing in spinning my wheels. And running to all the shiny objects and butterflies out there that look easier than what I am doing now. Without the mentoring, I am nowhere.

The mentoring I thought I was going to get anytime I wanted because that was what Michael Force said. He said he was giving us his business and was going to show us how to learn how to do it the right way and walk you through it every Step of the way. They do until Step 18 and by this time when your not getting to talk to someone like your supposed to like they said you would. You decide to take a chance and buy the course for five hundred dollars and then be told by your coach that you made a mistake because no one ever just buys that course so go in for two thousand. I thought ok well I’ll get my traffic coach at RISE and that would be fine. Then I was on calls daily with Beau and it actually pushing my life in a higher direction. I already own my own company and whatever it was Beau was saying to me it was working on me. I was seeing many things so differently along with learning the Courses that I had bought. I am not actually finished them yet.

I let others that are actually Climbing and have settled to join other businesses because they were stuck too. So they get you to join them and tell you they will teach you daily what you need to do and then after a few days are too busy for you. Had that happen twice now. I also have someone brand my WordPress site called DigitalPlaygroundMom (no longer available). He says he will have me branded and a Millionaire by this time next year. He is very motivating and very nice and I met him on IBOToolbox.

So I haven’t actually given up but I’m not stupid and I won’t be putting that money up unless I make it first. It is a shame though because I said so many times I need Beau Ryan. He comes with a price tag, though. One, I know I will be handing over someday. But only to be able to make more commissions. By then I will no longer need to be taught because I will have figured it out.

Michael Force knows what needs to be done to make sure that everyone that joins gets what he says they will. 6 figures in 90 days or less. The girl I joined with has spent so much on traffic and yes is building her list but no one is Climbing and she is getting a bit discouraged. But not giving up and she is getting the advice from traffic coaches that should really be checking your content and telling you what you are doing wrong.

People in the groups that are making lots of money will tell you that it is your fault that your not making anything. Stop whining and just do it. Whatever happened to lending a hand to someone. I have many people out here that help each other even though we make no profit from them. The Universe will repay you for your kindness.

For new people, this is not easy and whatever they can learn in Digital Altitude is a God send so I don’t mind directing them to this but to people like us that still don’t know the secret when we were told we would learn it finally it is a big let down. At least for me.

I know what I did was very brave and although people tell me I am crazy for doing that they know that I mean business and are wowed by me putting in two thousand dollars. They are like WHAT? You did what? You put in two thousand dollars are you nuts? How much did you make? How about zero. Is it my fault? Maybe. But I doubt it.

It’s been awhile since I wrote a story about My Climb in Digital Altitude. The truth is I still have not made a penny and I still owe one payment on my RISE program. I do love Digital Altitude but I am distracted trying to find ways to promote it even though we are supposed to be learning that in Digital Altitude. There may be somewhere that shows us that but I believe I have gone through every step to learn but maybe I should do it again.

There are other people out there making lots of money with this program and I really thought by now I would be one of them. I am finally getting leads in the system but I think I messed up on my auto responder. It looks like I was sending emails that my sponsor loaded into my autoresponder and they could be joining her. Well, I am sure I will be rewarded because I learned the law of attraction and I apply it to many things in my life daily. So I am sure that will be a big reward for helping someone else make some money.

I am pretty tech savvy and I usually learn stuff on my own but I have asked for help from the people I pay for programs I am in. But they say I’ll help you but they are too busy out there making money themselves. But what they don’t realize is if you do not help your people they will leave you. I was in a program that automated my Instagram and the person that said they would help me learn it and make money from it just kept on selling and only visited me once on chat to tell me my Instagram account was lacking something. Then crickets. He used to like my stuff on facebook and comment and now I don’t see anything from him at all. So I left the program because I was paying $100.00  a month and getting no return.

I was supposed to go to Hawaii next month with my Digital Altitude sponsor but her mom is not doing well and she doesn’t know how long she has to live. So she doesn’t want to be far away from her. Then there is an event in Disney World in April but I doubt I will get there either. But I will get to an event sometime. I am not giving up on Digital Altitude because I know it will work. There are many events to attend and I know I will be able to bring my family with me next time.

I am still having shiny object syndrome and joining every program that I think will help me but I am getting in debt and have spent a lot of money that I could have just put away and when it is time to retire I would have a lot of money but I see the people here making good money and I will be one of them.




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