About ME

A Mother of Autism, A Mother of a Nominee for The National Young Leaders State Conference, An Online Success and Marketing Coach, Member of Gamer Chix, A Jersey Girl,Philadelphia Eagles Fan, Descendant of General George Meade, Cousin of Parker Stevenson, Worked for Donald Trump, Owner of Savior Home Solutions LLC Property Preservation, Married since 1996. Working Online since 2009. Lover of the Ocean, the Night Sky, Sunrise, Sunset, Thunderstorms

.I live in the beautiful Garden State of New Jersey. Known for the Jersey Shore, the Atlantic City Boardwalk, Casinos, Mosquitoes and Toll Roads. I am a Jersey Girl. A Real House Wife of New Jersey and not the stuff you see on Cable.

I have a family of gamers. I am a member of Gamer Chix. We once owned a gaming cafe called CheckPoint. The depression took it away from us. The debt is enormous. This was something we had really wanted to do. The place was beautiful. We made it real nice. Families had their Birthday Parties with us.


We had competitions for competitive gamers. They won prizes including merchandise and free game time. We had a private room for Rock Band and Guitar Hero. We took pride in our design. It was the greatest place around town.

We miss it a lot but losing it may have saved our lives for months after closing a store nearby was robbed at gunpoint and the owner was shot and killed. All the debt in the world is better than losing a loved one.

We now own Savior Home Solutions LLC. A Property Preservation Company. It is a very busy business and we are growing bigger every day and it is getting to be a real challenge. But it is paying the bills and we are able to fix some things that happen that most people that are just employed can’t. For instance last year we were able to buy a new heater and new fridge and fix our vehicles with high ticket prices several times. This year seems we have spent a lot on repairs to our vehicles quite a few times. Not too many big ticket items. We are paying off Hayden’s class trip which is not a small price tag. There are many other senior expenses that are just popping up. Then there is college and that’s a whole nother story.

But hey I can’t complain as we had started this business from nothing but our couple thousand dollar income tax return and with only 300 dollars left in the bank, we went an entire 5 weeks with nothing to only get a check for 345 dollars.

You can watch my video to know more if you like. I like to write but dealing with the life I have sometimes it’s faster to just talk about it.


The video is titled my Network Marketing Journey Digital Altitude. I am also a Network Marketer and this term when heard by others will sometimes makes people run from you. I have no idea why because most people want to be wealthy like I do. If you could give up 100 dollars or less a month for 12 months if you knew it could change your life forever. I am not saying would because most people will not do this. Most people are comfortable with what they already have. I am not and that’s why I have always been on a journey for something more. Each time striving to make a comfortable life and not actually looking to be rich. But that is also a problem I have. I never feel I am worthy enough to have what I want and sometimes sabotage myself.  In this video, I do not preach to you about joining my business or whatever it is I am doing. I am simply letting you know a little bit about me and why I am doing Digital Altitude. I also am involved in Melaleuca for several years. I use the products daily and I highly recommend them but I don’t run after you to buy them. I just let you know I am here for you. I am here to solve your problem of being just broke and tired all the time. How many times have you wanted to buy something or go on a trip and swear you will have the money next week and then have an unexpected expense and then you don’t get to do what you wanted after all. Very frustrating and depressing is it not?