Be Active, Not Reactive

Be active, not reactive is my new line that I use now. First, it was and we need DYFS called on us. If you don’t know what DYFS is, it is your Child Services. It is where someone believes that you are hurting your children somehow and need someone to come check on you.

On December 20th, 2016 two women knocked on our door and said they were from DYFS and they were here to talk to us about Parker. Our son who turned 16  6 days after they showed up at our door.

He has a sensory issue that we found out finally what was going on and I guess it took DYFS for us to hurry up and figure it out. But I still am insulted and feel very betrayed. The doctor I spoke to the other day was also quite livid.  She wants to help us in our situation because it is not fair.

When our son was born in 2000 Autism was really never heard of. We found out in January 2003 that our lives would never be the same again. We were raising a very special child that we had no idea what was in store for us. I will not go too much off of topic here. I will write later and I am thinking about writing a book sometime in the future.






Author: RaisingAutism

Mother of Autism, Member of Gamer Chix, Philadelphia Eagles Fan, Lover of the Ocean, Night Sky, Sunrise, Sunset, A Daughter of General George Meade, Cousin of Parker Stevenson, Worked for Donald Trump,

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