Come On Be Happy

Come on be Happy. Hard to do sometimes huh? You could be happy every day. 

If it’s to be it’s up to me. You make it happen. What you think about you bring about.  

Your brain is a powerful part of your body. You may say or think that it is your arms or your legs cause you work out. You may have muscles and look huge and buff but you couldn’t lift a car off someone unless your brain told you to.  

What you are telling your brain every day is, however, dangerous unless it is that you are a wonderful person. You are a happy person. You are a successful person. 

However, most of us don’t do that. We tell ourselves negative things every day. We can be the happiest people and still be doing it all wrong.  

When you see something you want do you say: I will never be able to afford that. I will never have enough money for that. I could never own something like that. Or do you say: someday I will own that. Someday that will be mine. I will be able to afford that someday.  

Do you call your friends daily and always say: I’m fat, I’m broke,I can’t afford to pay my bills. I will never get out of debt? 

I am sure many of us say exactly that and when your brain hears it everyday IT OBEYS YOU! So you will never lose weight or you will never get out of debt or own that big house, that nice car. 

Chances are the only reason you don’t have whatever it is you want in life is because of you. You are your own destroyer. You can bring your life down to the lowest point just by saying the same negative things to yourself. 

So come on be happy and quit saying negative things to yourself. My Team has a better day because of these couple of things.  


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Author: RaisingAutism

Mother of Autism, Member of Gamer Chix, Philadelphia Eagles Fan, Lover of the Ocean, Night Sky, Sunrise, Sunset, A Daughter of General George Meade, Cousin of Parker Stevenson, Worked for Donald Trump,

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