It was just a sign, But it was a Sign…


    It was just a sign, but it was a SIGN… 

Election Signs

On Election Day the Trump Pence sign that just showed up there that day was stolen from me. It was just a sign but it was a SIGN…

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I am talking about. I am never a negative person but unfortunate for all of us there are people like that all around us and they try their darndest to bring us down with them. 

I am sure we are all thanking GOD that those commercials are over. That the fighting has stopped. That people stop breaking and burning all the Trump Pence signs. 

I had two Township Committee runners stop by in the months before the election and plead their case to me at my front door. I had met one of them at my door a couple times before. They are always trying to get me to fill in the absentee ballot and they will come and pick it up. Then they ask me if they can leave a sign. I never liked to leave the ballot with them for as far as I concerned they may open them and throw them away.  

Christine Yenner visited me first and put her sign there on my lawn. Mike Pantaleo came to my door a couple weeks later. There was even a freeholder DeMarco Christy sign on the other side of my lawn.   

But I never had a Trump Pence sign until the day of the election. I would never even know where to get one. My son and I were going out and I was showing him a photo on my phone that was really symbolic and explaining to him what it means to me. Then he said Hey when did you get a Trump Pence sign. I looked over and said what the heck. How did that get there? Who put that sign on my lawn? 

Before my Grandmom died on tax day 2015 we always discussed Donald Trump running for President. We both agreed they would never let him win. I am sad she wasn’t here to see history made with me. But I know she was the reason that sign showed up. She was telling me they were going to win. 

When I came back from being out with my son I decided to take a picture of my lawn and I posted it on FaceBook stating that the battle of the politicians is on my front lawn. The signs were everywhere. Even across the street. But no Trump signs anywhere. Just in my yard that day. 

I posted it and got lots of likes and comments in minutes including a friend that said I would burn that sign but that’s just me. I answered saying I would probably get thrown out of my development if I did that. But I am sure someone else will do it for me. 

Then later I got to say to her don’t worry about it anymore it was just stolen. She said geez that was fast. I said I know who did it and they just lied to me about it. Oh well; it was funny while it lasted.

So here is the sad part about it. It was a person that works for me that had to have done it. She came back to the office that night after a hard days work and said to us so you are Trump promotors. I said oh that sign out there. It’s funny it just showed up today and I don’t know who put it there.  

Where she parked her truck she just about tripped on the sign and stated that when she saw it coming around the corner her friend in the truck said run it over. I said oh please don’t touch my sign. I want to keep it. It met something to me and my husband said besides Dawn worked for him. She said so loud You Worked For HIM WOW. Why would you work for that pig.

Back then when I was 19 it was a dream of mine to work for him and I finally got to. I really liked what I did. But that’s another story for later. Who wouldn’t want to work for the most successful man in real estate? 

When my husband walked her out to her truck he came back in and said well the sign is gone. I said what who would have done that except for the friend that was in the truck. It was there when she came in and gone when she left and I had a neighbor earlier say to me if you don’t want the sign I will take it. I said Nah I will keep it. It means something to me. He said to keep it and put it away it may be worth something someday.

I called her and said do you know what happened to my sign? Did Deb see anyone come on my lawn and take my sign? It was right there in front of her there would be no way she would not have seen someone take it. She said no she didn’t see anything and I don’t have you sign. I said wow ok that is very strange. But oh well I guess it is just a sign.     

After I wrote on my FB that I knew who did it and they lied to me she wrote a comment saying you may think you know who did it but I didn’t touch your stupid sign I would have never dirtied my hands with it. I was so hurt that she disrespected me like that. After all, I do support her entire family with a job. I answered and said I never said it was you. Why would you say something like that to me and why are you starting a fight. She said OMG I was kidding.

All I can do now is just forget about it. I wrote it down for the universe to take it away and dispose of this negative energy.  So I can have room in my heart again for people that deserve it.

It was just a sign, but it was SIGN.