Do Angels Exist?

Do Angels exist? I really think so. Before you think I’m weird let me tell you so.

Besides the photo, you see above that I took of the moon one night. On July 19. 2016 the news said moon watchers would get an awesome treat. Besides the beautiful sight of the full moon that night they would never know the treat I saw of the divine.

I believe Angels are real because they have protected my boy for many years.

The story I can tell you of how the Angels kept my son from falling off a roof.

The endless stories of how they brought him back to us.

My son is a flight risk and this is every mother’s nightmare, No matter who your child is. Autism or not the sinking feeling you get when you turn to see your child is not there.

The difference is not knowing where they went so fast to finding other kids hiding in the clothes racks.

Autistic people get a map in their head of where their favorite place to go is out there. And when you are not looking for even a second they might just try to get there without you.

They don’t understand danger or even fear when it comes to getting to where they love to be.

Many children have never come home.

I feel sadness and guilt for why did the Angels not protect them.

Through the years we have tried so many things to make sure our boy would never leave us.

Spending thousands on things to keep him locked in. Not helping us at all because the police were always bringing our son home to us.

Now the Angels are keeping him safe and telling him everyday not to go out without mom or dad. He has been staying in for years now. I believe I owe it to an angel that reminds him he can’t go outside it is dangerous.

The sleepless nights and the worry you have when you are afraid your child will leave the home if you fall asleep to sound. Thank God for alarm systems in your house. They let us sleep at night because if the angels went to sleep and stopped watching him for us the alarm will wake the whole neighborhood.

I am sure many of you know what I am talking about.

May the Angels keep your babies always safe with them.

As for that photo. I believe it is divine. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. What A find!!!